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You’ve tried every product in the pharmacy, and they just don’t work for you! In fact, some seem to make your skin problem worse.

– We’ve been there too. We know how you feel!

It’s time to give-up the fight on skin irritations and get help from a company that treats you like one of our own family. 

Strip away the toxins! Join friends already using Dhana’s products including easy-to-use at-home kits with proven rejuvenating formulas.

Get what you need, Now!

What they’re saying…

“Amazing Products! What you’ve created is something quite incredible. Our customers can’t get enough of tea bars! Tests have gone smoothly and you have shampoo bar converts among us!”

“Great little castor oil pack! I’m not new to doing castor oil packs, but hadn’t kept up with them in a while. So glad I bought this one! She packed it with so much love and a handwritten note. I love the storage jar.”

“Traditional shampoos make my scalp burn and hurt – these, on the other hand, are healing my eczema and taking away the itch on my head. I’ll be back for more!!”

“Lots of swimming left my hair dry, until I tried these bars. They smell so good and keep my hair and skin moisturized and happy.”

“5 Stars!!!!! The Against-the-Grain bar I bought for my husband ended up healing my psoriasis. Can’t thank you enough!!”

“Wow, just wow!! The castor oil/soaps regime I talked to Ashley about dried up the oil on my face and reversed my acne splotches. Try these product – they’re fab!”

“We bulk ordered the Align-mint shampoo bar. I used to have psoriasis, but it’s all gone now thanks to this tingly mint bar that comes with tons of natural moisture. Thank you!”

“The postal people broke the glass jar in my castor oil pack order, but customer service at Dhana gets bonus points. Immediately, I received a message, a replacement and a note, with a little gift for the inconvenience. “

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