6 Skin Benefits of Using Orange Oil

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Watch any good TV breakfast cereal commercial and notice the slices of orange that arrive on the child’s plate! What do we know about oranges? It’s a healthy dose of Vitamin C, right? What else? Um, it’s orange (to state the obvious) and dish soap would tell us that it cuts though grease. Let’s dig a bit deeper to identify 6 benefits of using orange oil in skincare.

Extracted via steam from the peel of the orange, orange essential oil comes in two varieties. The most common in skincare formulation is Sweet Orange Oil (citrus sinensis) and Blood Orange Oil (citrus aurantium dulcis). Hosting a sweet citrus fragrance true to the fruit itself, both varieties hold a variety of nourishing values that benefit skin as it ages.


Why Use Orange Oil?

With orange essential oil, a little goes a long way. Sweet orange oil is gentle in delivering high levels of limonene. This is a naturally occurring chemical that works effectively with skin to arm it with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal agents.


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6 Skin Benefits of Using Orange Oil

1. Fights Acne

Using sweet orange oil for acne is highly recommended to relieve irritation, combat pain caused by breakouts, reduce acne causing bacteria and soothe the skin. Adding orange oil to any at-home treatment or selecting a cleansing bar with orange oil will help to ward off future breakouts and make managing them easier.

2. Helps Control Skin Oils

It’s hard to believe that adding oil to an already oil complexion will help clear up the problem, but it is in fact the case. Acne, in part is caused by the over production of sebum, skin oils. Orange oil, helps to eliminate excess oil on the skins’ surface and helps control the secretion of excess oil. By adding a cleansing regime enhanced with orange oil, you’ll notice a change in your skin’s glow within a matter of days!

3. Protects Skin from Damage

Orange oil, applied topically to skin helps to improve blood circulation and relieve joint pains. Enhanced circulation keeps the skin youthful, nourished and active in the protection of the body. Its high levels of limonene helps protect skin from damage inflicted by pollution, smoke and sun rays.

4. Improves Pores & Anti-Aging

With a deep, calming astringent effect on the skin, orange oil helps to tighten pores and, as discussed above, ease the creation of sebum. Due to its balanced antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, orange oil gives great benefit in reducing free radicals to slow down the skins aging process.

5. Promotes Skin Clarity & Wound Healing

By helping to reduce sebum, acne and inflammation of the skin, orange oil is your best friend to even-out skin tones. High antioxidant content in the oil aids in healing wounds, balancing dark spots  and reducing scars by enhancing the skins suppleness and elasticity. Naturally, by helping to eliminate dry and problem-prone areas your skin clarity and complexion improve.

6. Deodorizes Skin

Used in natural products ranging from cleansing bars to mouthwash, deodorant and aftershave, orange oil isn’t just a pleasant aroma. Cutting bad body odour and neutralizing scents helps to uplift mood and enhance confidence.


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Orange-Enhanced SkinCare

Some of Dhana’s bestsellers are on the list because they support the 6 benefits of using orange oil on your skin, speeding the rate of healing and enhancing effective wellness. Products we offer include:

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Buy it alone – without the set mentioned above,  Against the Grain Face & Shaving Bar – When combined with cinnamon and cloves, not only is sweet orange oil a bright pop of scent, it illuminates your skin and helps to return a youthful glow. Paired with cocoa butter and coconut oil, this easy lathering bar is gentle and perfect for sensitive facial skin.

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