Dhana’s Mission

We help you feel the love you deserve by using only the purest natural formulas to care for your skin and health!

Whether you’re transitioning stages of life, birthing a business or trying to grow your family, there is undeniable value in the quiet moments that bring you solitude and clarity. 

You’ve heard of clean beauty or skincare. At Dhana we take it a step further. This is fertility-friendly skincare. 

At Dhana, we aim to not only help you create those moments, encouraging deserving time for spa-at-home luxuries, but to infuse them with nature’s best in unique healing formulas. We won’t compromise on our family, so we won’t compromise on yours!

Our Story

If how you do anything is how you do everything, then my personal journey and the one that brought Dhana Self-Care into being are truly aligned.

Perhaps you’ll find similarities to your own story…

Hi, I’m Ashley, Canadian transplant to the UK, lover of animals and nature, fitness guru and a healthy skincare geek.

Dhana Natural Self-Care started out as a tea company. But, not with a tea you’d find on any posh hotel’s high tea menu; with Purple tea! It’s grown from non-gmo cultivars in the highlands of Kenya, is super high in antioxidants and many other rich nutrients. Yes, we’re passionate for purple tea around here!

Only, did the UK need an infusion of purple tea when I arrived? (No pun intended!) Well, not quite!

Let’s go back a bit, first… A few years ago, I found myself stuck in life –you know, the kind of life that looks great from the outside, but is unfulfilling and headed towards mental and physical dis-ease on the inside- When I found myself there, someone wise suggested sitting with my emotions to discover what I truly want in life. Other tasks were presented to me, like speaking to myself in the mirror. Sign up for major-discomfort-land!!!… Actually, in time I learned that these are great tools, and that with practice they can be life changing.

So, because the mirror exercise was daunting in the beginning, and I had to set a timer to do the oh so fun emotions task, I started, to take baths initially to slow down my thoughts and discover my emotions. (A quick way to know it’s the thing for you, is if you’re that person who presently doesn’t have time for baths, or thinks they’re gross or has resistance to them in any way… I hear you, I’ve been there. You’d be surprised!)

At that time, and probably not by coincidence, soap making was my hobby. It wasn’t something many other people were doing. Simultaneously, however, it helped solve ongoing skin irritations, bringing in my creative love of blending natural botanicals and testing recipes to help heal particular skin challenges for myself and friends.

Refresh Tea & Soap Co, founded in 2018, and Dhana’s predecessor, was just that, a company that sold tea for drinking and soap for those spa-at-home moments. Yes, thank you, I’ll accept the Most-Complicated-Brand-to-Explain Award. Do you drink it or bathe in it?! – hence now leaving all of it in the past.

woman holding a cup of tea
Ashley, founder of Dhana Self-Care, in a lavender field

As I peeled back more layers of the onion of life I realized that both tea and soap were escape mechanisms that had helped me leave the life I didn’t love – that discomfort I’d mentioned above – they were starting to feel like sign posts on the journey, not what I was meant to do.

Dhana arrived rebranded in 2021. It means thoughtful in Swahili (where purple tea comes from) and is a play on the phrase from Hannah in Spanish. The rebrand came about only after a large personal transition. Finally, with this, I discovered the glue that held it all together. It had been there all along. Castor oil is what cuts through the UK’s hard water to allow soap to do what we love soap to do, lather! This oil is the key, in many ways, to my personal healing and wellness journey!

Renowned as a beauty secret across cultures and centuries, Castor Oil is unique in that it penetrates our skin with ease, working with our lymphatic systems to shift blockages and to remove toxins that disrupt the free flow of digestion, fertility and muscular wellbeing.

I want to share it with EVERYONE because I know it can help you as it’s helped me! Castor Oil Packing has done amazing things to eliminate diseases, discomfort and improve my health, so that I can move forward to live my best life. Having parked old beliefs, other peoples’ values and so many unhealthy aspects of life, now how I choose to do anything and everything, is toxin-free. 

With love,

Ashley Fleischer   xx

Designer Formulas

By eliminating chemical fragrances and harmful toxins used by major skin corporations, at Dhana you are invited to bring easy natural skin-health back into style!

The ancient healing of castor oil meets the modern wellness of purple tea leaves in Dhana’s formulas. These and other natural botanicals combine for a multi-sensory spa-at-home experience like no other! 


UK’s 1st Purple Tea Skincare

Stubborn skin irritations quickly disappeared among our growing community of friends.

Introduced to the powerhouse antioxidant and healing properties of Kenya’s purple leaf tea, we created a designer product line with its infusions and the beautiful richness of castor oil to balance, enhance and compliment your skin. 

Grown in the highlands of Kenya, purple tea is a non-GMO varietal of Camellia Sinensis, the tea tree. Environmental conditions, including exposure to UV rays and frost, develop hearty leaves with three times the antioxidants as those found in green tea. 

Returning gratitude to our roots, Dhana has partnered with Network for Africa to send 5% of sales revenues back to African communities to assist in grassroots mental health healing and ongoing counselling programs for mothers, just like you.