About Dhana Self-Care

Selecting Skincare Ingredients that Matter

If it can help you along your wellness journey, we’re happy to let Dhana’s secret ingredient out of the bag! Dhana’s gently healing skincare comes from an infusion of antioxidant-rich purple tea (pictured below). This, combined with deeply nourishing castor oil, sets Dhana Self-Care above and beyond other skincare lines for deep absorption and happy skin. 

Dhana’s Product Line

…But where are the lotions?
As it turns out, you won’t need goopy lotions once you use Dhana’s natural collection. Even as wash-away products, Dhana’s body bars provide a deep absorption of nutrient-rich oils leaving your skin feeling hydrated and healthy.
You’ll notice how easy it is to keep skin moisturized and youthful even when the dry season comes. Try different bars for different needs and fall in love with Dhana’s minimalistic designer skincare! 
in purple tea plantation
bud of purple tea
purple tea pile

The Journey to Self-Care

I was that woman, the one who appeared to have it all together: good job, nice house, close friends, happy puppy, loads of hobbies and a busy life. It wasn’t until I realized, I didn’t see myself in the life I’d built around me, when I realized I was stuck.

This place of stuck-ness is not uncommon among Dhana’s clients, however it is different for each of us. I once called it depression, but have since realized that in assuming unconscious beliefs that were untrue to my authentic self, I made unfulfilling choices for years and likewise, attracted toxic-energy people who I allowed to help keep me stuck. I’d been living on autopilot until the feeling of life being like an anchor got the better of me. This is when I knew I needed to change… 

Hi! I’m Ashley, Founder of Dhana Self-Care. 

What my personal and business journeys have in common, is the continual need to release complications. Each, life and business, has seen streamlining towards less clutter, less complicated relationships and a concentrated focus on what are my truths, loves and goals.

As described above, I have been where so many of our clients find themselves, stuck in a life that doesn’t feel right. In my case, constantly dismissing my emotions and intuition, I found myself faced with significant health and skincare issues rolling in one after the other.

An effort to heal, my skin ailments lead me to sampling one of everything offered in the local chemist, often with the product causing more pain and grief, then good. Meanwhile, my body worked in opposition to my very active family. I spent days and weeks in crippling pain, popping pills, for years, without a useful diagnosis beyond simply being female. 

When nothing on the commercial market worked for either ailment, I got creative. First with my skin: researching, eliminating ingredients down to the purest oils, and hand-making my first pure and finally helpful skin products. Castor Oil packs came to me later, but were a game-changer when they did, as both my problems and pains had now escalated.

Dhana’s purpose is to help others prioritize their own self-care, to operate from the perspective of kindly managing physical ailments and naturally alleviating skin irritations. A few thoughtful minutes can go a long way for your overall wellness!

Dhana’s formulas are as pure as ever and are suitable for fertility journeys and the whole family. We wish you only health and happiness, xx

Founders Favourite

Dhana [d’hanah] -means “thoughtful” in Swahili, the language of Kenya where purple tea originates; and is the intention through which self-care is applied.

Designer Formulas

By eliminating chemical fragrances and harmful toxins used by major skin corporations, at Dhana you are invited to bring easy natural healthcare back into style!

The ancient healing of castor oil meets the modern wellness of purple tea. There’s no surprise we call Dhana’s all-natural, minimalistic formulas. Only the purest natural botanicals combine here for a multi-sensory spa-at-home experience like no other!