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Strive for progress, not perfection

Before you think something is wrong with you or your acne-covered child, know this: acne is normal. 

A word to the wise, however, never pop or squeeze acne. In addition to traumatizing your teenager if you back them up against the wall, you’re almost certainly guaranteeing acne scars, which are harder to heal than the the acne itself. 

Natural Treatment Options You Can Try:

  • High in zinc, calcium, copper and potassium as well as anti-inflammatory eugenol, rooibos tea is a powerhouse acne fighter. Use the tea, cooled, as a  face toner to soothe irritated skin
  • Use Rooibos without the fuss, featured in Dhana Self-Care’s Against-the-Grain facial bar for a gentle cleanse that leaves a squeaky-clean feeling. 
  • The sticky ricinoelic acid found in Castor Oil naturally combats the production of skin-oils, which when created in excess, cause acne. Spot treat your acne with oil, then washing clean with a gentle face soap. 
  • Do you have acne scars? Spot treat these with deep-healing lavender essential oil (our or diluted) to bring moisture and nutrients back to scarred areas of your skin. Use a fully-formulated skin bar to ease this treatment.