Because I’m Me

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Hi! In case you’re new around here, I’m Ashley, founder of Dhana Self-Care. You’ll rarely see me post about me, because healing is a personal journey, and I’m here to help you with yours. Only, every once in a while it feels appropriate to share a bit of me with you, so we can do the journey together…

My closest friends know that this phrase ‘because I’m me’ is how I start almost any and all conversations about health and wellness. It’s my way of saying, you don’t have to agree with me, but in my body and for my reality, ‘this’ is what I feel resonates.

Not to get all esoteric on you, but it’s basically saying: the way I look at things has less to do with how they appear in the physical and more to do with the emotional and energetic patterns that I believe put them there in the first place.

A Real Life Example

For instance, my current conversation with my body, surrounds a tummy issue that’s been with me for years and doesn’t seem to shift, no matter what I do in fitness or food. But here’s the thing, it’s not just a little tummy, I’ve had a stomach ache (inner pain) for most of my life. I recall it as a 4 year old, in school and as a teenager. Triggers, now obvious to me, indicate I’ve chosen for too long to ease the emotional tensions I felt around me meanwhile creating my own emotional dis-ease within.

Adding insult to injury, or perhaps just to draw my attention back to my body, I’ve become wheat intolerant. This, situation brings a reminder to advocate for myself, rather than prioritizing other people’s emotional needs ahead of my basic health. There’s a pattern and a lesson here, for me!

With this, you’d catch me saying: ‘And then the wheat poisoning kicked-in at 4am, but because I’m me, I have to think, since my stomach is where we process digestion, there must be a bigger process that I’m not successfully digesting and achieving in my life and emotions, right??’

The body, I believe, is always trying to tell us something. Only, it’s up to us to determine what that message is.

The Spiritual Connection to Health

Take, for example, me, a few years ago. I had gallstones. That spiritual diagnosis was easy, unlike the specifics of my stomach, currently. Any quick internet search will tell you that the gallbladder organ houses the emotion of anger. Only I’m never angry – barely, do I know what anger feels like. It wasn’t a safe emotion to have in my childhood, so I learned early on to repressed it. Hence, creating and rolling, physical stones of anger out of my gallbladder. Now, if you look up the image of a gallstone, it looks like nothing if not an angry shard-y crystal, so it’s no wonder their pain is described as being worse than either child birth or kidney stones! My gallstones, didn’t roll for long. Instead they lodged, sending me to emergency surgery.

The only problem with surgery, is that while it removes the physical pain and medical health concern for the body, it cannot solve, with the quick slip of a scalpel, a life of repressed anger or any emotional pattern that we hold within our bodies. That’s where real work comes in.

Healing Emotionally and Energetically

The conversation takes two turns here. 1) How we deal with emotions in a healthy way, even those repressed from our childhoods, that makes or breaks our future health and wellbeing. 2) Avoiding this process – a concept called spiritual bypassing – when we ignore the deep shadow emotions (anger, rejection, fear, sadness) and hide them away from us. This keeps us unbalanced in our body’s energy centres and recreates old unwanted life patterns.

We’ll dig a little deeper in a future post (along shortly) with regards to energetic healing and the pit-falls, as I have discovered, in spiritual bypassing.

The concept of spiritual bypassing is new to me, but it makes perfect sense! I guess you could say I was bypassing the deep emotions that formed my gallstones. Raised in a society of human-doings, rather than human-beings, I can only speak for myself, but this concept is probably more common than not. Had I actively processed that emotion and let it leave my body, I would not have created such pain. We live and learn!!

If you think about your wellness journey, I bet you can discover your own patterns where emotions have formed physical ailments, or in-your-face lessons that keep returning until you learn them.

Reach for Resilience

In moments of gallbladder pains, tummy problems and the like, there’s a basic human need for us to find easy solutions, temporary physical relief and ongoing resilience. Preventatively, we can choose to detox our bodies and easily feel well again. So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll reach for that castor oil pack. It’s a pure and confident healing treatment, trusted by grandmothers and wellness gurus for centuries before us.

Now, as I’ve come to do, while you’re chilling with a Castor Pack on, it’s the perfect opportunity to journal out your thoughts, feelings and take time for introspection.

What is your particular health challenge trying to tell you on an emotional or energetic level?

From Physical to Holistic Health

While I can continue to preface each statement about health with ‘because I’m me, this is what I feel and believe…’ –I actually think that the world needs to level-up and see physical health as part of the holistic network of the emotions, energy and physical components with which it’s composed. There are more than enough studies (see Gabor Mate; The Myth of Normal etc) connecting the stored emotions of our childhoods to the physical ailments we experience later in life.

Without consideration for the emotional connection to health, I believe, we can’t discover and reclaim true physical health.

Products to support your wellness journey:

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It’s Your Turn!

Please leave a comment below! If you’ve connected a health problem with an emotional link, or energetic pattern within your body, we’d love to hear about your personal wellness journey.