Purple Tea Goodness

plucking purple tea leaves

I’ve found another opportunity to share the goodness of Purple Tea with you… This company has explained it so well it’s hard not to share all the healthy details that make Purple Tea A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

In a nutshell, some statistics taken directly from this article boast of Purple Tea:

  • Being an antioxidant powerhouse – with 16.5 % polyphenols over green teas’ 9.1 %
  • Bringing significantly less caffeine than green or white teas
  • Although taste is an individual experience, it’s fair to say, purple tea is healthier for your with a lighter, sweeter taste compared to green or black teas
  • Extensive tests at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University in Japan suggest benefits on human weight loss and fat metabolism appear to be higher than green teas.
  • Sporting high delphinidin anthocyanin levels. The report states: “There’s not human and animal researched focused on the tea, but research using isolated delphinidin anthocyanins (from other sources) indicates they may offer relief for dry eyes and help diabetics with blood sugar control.”
  • Used in a 2017 cancer study, a university in India reported that several anthocyanins extracted from purple teas showed promising apoptosis induction activity in cultured rat brain cancer cells.

We are working through some testing of our own at Refresh Tea & Soap Co, but until we have new information, please see the details for yourself. Enjoy!