Castor Oil Pack for your Lymphatic System

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A number of years ago, during a pedicure, the aesthetician looked at my foot and expressed that my lymphatic system was working on overdrive to excrete toxins. She obviously knew something I didn’t at that time. Truth be told, her comment stuck with me. Now, I understand: you can castor oil pack for your lymphatic system, for your body health and to alleviate diseases and discomfort. Want to learn how? Read on… 


What is the Lymphatic system?

Put simply, the lymphatic system works as a sewage system for each human body. If you think of garbage collection with your city streets, translated into toxin collection within your veins, you’re your image would not be far off.

Main roles of the lymphatic system are to:

  • Manage the fluid levels in the body
  • Reacting to bacteria
  • Dealing with invasive (think cancer) cells
  • Excreting cell products that result in disease
  • Absorbing some dietary fat from our intestines

As a network of tiny tubes, it drains fluid, called lymph, that has leaked from blood vessels into tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream with the help of lymph nodes.


What are lymph nodes?

Lymph nodes are filters. They are found at various stations around the body to operate as body defence and waste eliminators. You’ll find lymph nodes in your armpits, throat, chest, groin and elsewhere.

As in our garbage collection analogy, lymphocytes are a special variety of white blood cells that operate as garbage trucks to carry excess proteins, invasive cell products, and wate to the lymph nodes for final extraction from the body.

What the aesthetician noticed in my foot, that tipped her off to lymphatic release, was callouses on my foot. Have you ever noticed how callouses seem to grow never ending, always requiring the lady with her foot file to pull the white dried growth, back to your skin. This foot filing doesn’t hurt because your callous is the garbage disposal dump for the lymphatic system. It is already dead. There are other ways your body excretes waste, naturally. This is just one.

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WhY Castor Oil for Your Lymphatic system?

An injection of ricinoleic acid into the body through a castor oil packing process (not taken orally) adds stimulation to the body to create new, strong lymphocytes. As discussed above, lymphocytes are a variety of white blood cells that address concerns in the body. They are produced naturally when infection arises, injury occurs, or there is a need for internal healing.

Simply put, castor oil packing helps your body remove the problem be it inflammation, disease, pain, tearing, blockages or other malfunctions. You’re doing your body a favour when you sit with a castor oil pack for 20-45 minutes.


Castor Oil Pack Kit

Choose the Right Castor Oil Product for you

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