Another route to self-care is to make your payments work for you!

How Soap is Made

Ever wonder what goes into a bar of soap and how it comes out slippery?

Scalp Care

Easy care ideas for a happy head and hair!

Reading Labels

Learn to make a simple moisturizer.

Digital Mindfulness

(Reformatted from original version in September 2020.) City living in 2020, with or without stay-at-home


Take time for self-care and plan out your future.

Why Vegan Soap?

Answering questions from customers is a great way to communicate our company ethos! Got a

Soap Science 101

Soap is one of the oldest and yet, still standard commodities in our homes. Unless

Cosmetics Trend

There's growth in the beauty industry. Learn about it to be on-trend!

Why Tea in Soap?

A common question...