Choose your Year Ahead

woman on seashore with arms open

Envision with me!

It’s Boxing Day 2024! (No, I’m not confused – roll with me here!)

You’ve just had an amazing Christmas with your friends and family, now someone you haven’t seen in a year knocks on the door. How lovely! Big Hugs!

You invite them in for a drink. Maybe it’s tea, or wine, or eggnog – you set the scene. You’re sitting together in the warmth of your home with all the twinkly lights and candles glowing on this Boxing Day evening.

Tell your friend -now- (out loud, even all by yourself, but with your imaginary friend of course, unless you have one in the flesh to share) what you’ve accomplished since you last saw them back in 2023…. and go!


Where to start? Well, it was January, remember. That comes first and you didn’t let the depths of the winter cold hold you back, did you?

  • That book you want to write. Did you draft it? Submit to a literary agent? If it’s not a book is it a musical instrument, a language, a computer software, something else. You start (fill in the blank) and know the steps to take.
  • You committed to your fitness, despite the cold, with (fill in the blank)
  • Your career, OMG your career! Tell your friend how that got better over the winter and then into the year.
  • Then there’s your hobbies and friends. Darlin’ the darkest part of the winter just flew by because you were so creative, organised, self-disciplined and the socialite of the town (If that’s what you want to be of course. Replace any text with your own true enthusiasm and elaborate for best results.)

*Don’t forget to add your birthday into the year, wherever it falls and the fab party, gift or totally out of this world experience you treated yourself to. Don’t just wait for others to treat you – show them how it’s done, so they can follow suit! How did you level up this years’ birthday? (fill in the blank)


You were so busy with all winter that you barely noticed the ice thaw into spring and the flowers start to bloom. But then when spring was upon you, you…

  • Got busy with the travel plans you’ve been putting off for years. You went to (fill in the blank) with (fill in the blank) and it was (fill in the blank!)
  • Embraced spring energy and jumped into a new (fill in the blank)
  • Took part in the best of spring activities in your town, highlighting…
  • Meanwhile, because you’re vibing at such a high level, some amazing manifestations just dropped into your life as easy as pie. These were…


Suddenly, it was summer! Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun and making the most of life! With the warm weather, you:

  • Celebrate big achievement #1 (and maybe #2 and #3), but 1 is enough. It was (fill in the blank) What do you to achieve by summer 2024?
  • You vacationed in (fill in the blank), feeling posh because you splurged for (fill in the blank)
  • You’re feeling content, even happy with your figure because you continue to (fill in the blank)
  • The new thing you started this summer is (fill in the blank) and you absolutely love it, because it helps you to feel like you’re thriving,
  • Dating, relationships, family, friends… tell your friend what transpired over the summer – your summer of love?!


OMG, where did summer go, you were waaaay too fabulous being you! Suddenly pumpkin spice lattes and crunchy fall leaves were upon us. The crisp fall colours bring you to:

  • Start back into (fill in the blank) which you parked for the summer fun months.
  • Celebrate (fill in the blank) and/or
  • Achievement of (fill in the blank)
  • Harvested (fill in the blank)
  • Strategize the final months of 2024, so you can maximize the year for your self-care, ambitions, financial goals, and (fill in the blank)
  • Have a lovely visit with (fill in the blank) if they stayed with you, or spent a girls day together.
  • Travel again to (fill in the blank) with (fill in the blank)
  • Settle down into a fall routine that brings you joy and reminds you of the comforts of your home and how awesome the year has been so far.

Holidays Again…

December comes and it’s almost holiday season again. This festive season will bring you:

  • Together with (fill in the blank)
  • Grateful for (fill in the blank)
  • Enjoying new luxuries of (fill in the blank) thanks to your conscientious work and passion in (fill in the blank)
  • OMG, all that dedication to work paid off! Your holiday Bonus was (fill in the blank)
  • And for Christmas you’re getting yourself a (fill in the blank)
  • What you loved most about 2024 was (fill in the blank)

Now, print and repeat!

This envisioning game is a great party game, icebreaker (played in part) or one-on-one with your significant other.

Watch how easy it is to get involved in your own enthusiasm for what could be and what you want to happen. It’s great to get a friend involved. They can ask you questions to direct your answers or help rise your excitement levels for the things you’re explaining to them. Then swap, so they can explain their year to you. 

Share in the comments below the best part of your 2024. Tell us what you’re looking forward to. Writing it down is the best way to manifest it. And sharing with others, multiplies that effect. 

Best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!