Deep Castor Oil Absorption

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Castor Oil Packing may possibly be the easiest, non-invasive body treatment used for centuries. If you’re a beginner, this is a quick read with information you can’t miss! If you’ve been around the castor oil block a few times, our community wants to hear your experience, to help ease the pain, bust myths and talk deep castor oil absorption for everyone’s best health.  

I threw out the flannel after the first use. How do I continue to castor oil pack? -H.F.

I wanted to buy a new pack for every use, but was told it was better not to, could you help? Explain? -A.K.

The kit came with a storage jar, but how do I actually use the castor oil pack for a second time after it’s been stored away? -C.C.

Thanks for your questions ladies. We get many like this as you venture into the castor oil pack journey. Since they are common and frequent, we’re here to explore the 101’s of castor oil packing with you. 

Like wine, cheese and even soap, your castor oil pack gets better and more effective with age. Actually, it’s with each use, that oil infused flannel improves!

As you probably know, you start with a dry organic cotton flannel. Adding oil is the key to your packing success – with each use.

The 101

So, you have a new castor oil pack, loaded the flannel with oil, as the instructions imply, and you create your first pack. As you pull the wet, now oily flannel from your skin, you’re oh-so-grateful for the jar that keeps it safe and sealed away. Only, this jar, it’s purpose is intended for more than ease of simple clean-up. 

Once you have wet oily flannel for the first time, it only takes a fraction the amount of oil for future treatments. The power is in the oil that’s already absorbed into the flannel. No need to start from a dry piece of cotton flannel for each treatment. As will be evident in your first use, nearly one third of the bottle could be used to load the flannel.

Going forward, in the preparatory minutes leading up to a castor oil pack treatment, you’ll need only a tablespoon or two (equivalent to a capful or two) to re-load your flannel with the sticky goodness of castor oil. 

When you do a castor oil pack process, your body absorbs oil from the flannel into targeted organs. This encourages your blood to create lymphocytes (white blood cells) which push toxins, proteins and heavy metals from your organs and system.

Don’t underestimate the power of the oil already on the flannel. Add enough each time so it’s sticky, but not drippy. 

Basic Instructions for Castor Oil Packing

  • Set your intention for how your session will help, heal and improve your wellness.
  • Unfold your flannel into the supplied jar, pour oil over it and massage into the material. 
  • With your flannel wet, but not dripping, fold it to the desired shape/size for your targeted healing. 
  • Place an old towel beneath you to protect where you lie.
  • Get comfortable and place the castor oil filled flannel on you. Now a layer of plastic (further instructions in the kit), a hot water bottle and blanket. 
  • It’s forced relaxation time! Let the oil and heat work for 20-45 minutes.
  • Clean-up is easy with castor oil rich bar soap (in the kit). Because like attracts like, this soap easily absorbs residue of sticky ricinolic acid, leaving skin clean and fresh. 
  • Seal your oily flannel into its jar, and store for future use. 
  • Now it’s time to move on with your day. Light movement and water drinking are helpful in assisting the healing process within you.
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Packing around Myths

The longer I keep the castor oil pack on my body, the better it will work.  False.

Skin takes 20-45 minutes to absorb the oil that’s in the castor oil pack. That’s it! Even if it’s very wet.

Wearing the pack for an extended amount of time -even overnight, doesn’t add to your ability to absorb more oil. Nobody’s knocking the power of an extra long nap, but perhaps instead, get up, move around lightly and drink water. This way your body can produce more lymphocytes and start to circulate them through in your bloodstream and organs to release pain and toxins. 


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