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A favourite quote with an anonymous author reads: “Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.”

Despite inevitable moments of frustration within the journey of becoming, it remains true that within our minds lies the possibilities of the futures we create.

How much different could your 2019 be from your 2018 if you took the time to carefully envision it? Naturally, you can do this with your dreams and your daydreams. Alternately, self-help gurus implore you to reinforcement visions with images, text and regular review as the fastest way to bring visions to fruition. Not claiming to be one of these, but well versed in the value of and achievement possible with vision boards, this short video conveys their use and ease.

Bringing you lessons learned, to avoid making the same mistakes with the images you select, turning inward to collage your dreams is an amazingly powerful tool for growth, focus and taking care of you. 

“Only the dreamer can envision and execute their dream; no one else can do it for them.” -Unknown.