Face Mapping

woman with freckles

Have you heard of face mapping? If not you’re going to want to listen up. Skin is a miraculous organ in itself, but now there are ways to let your skin talk to you. Yes, you heard that right! Your skin is a reflection of the health of your insides, so when you get a breakout or rash on your skin, it’s time to listen up!

First, let us say, you are beautiful no matter what curve-balls your skin throws at you. Spots, rashes, pigment changes and blemishes all make you unique and individual. Honour your differences and the miraculous organ that is your skin.

From Chinese Medicine

The process of skin mapping has been around for centuries, but is getting a resurgence of interest with people looking for holistic ways to heal. What better way to identify what’s wrong than to listen to your own body?

Developed about 3000 years ago by Chinese medicine experts, it is believed that skin is a window to the organs that lie beneath it.

See the face mapping diagram to identify your own challenges and what they might reflect. If you’ve had health concerns in the past and know where your skin typically breaks-out, it can be fascinating to consider face mapping in hindsight.

For further information we’ve highlighted some of the common problem areas below:

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Chin, Neck & Jawline

When skin show stress on your chin, neck and jaw-line that’s what it’s trying to convey. Ding-ding-ding! The first answer is usually the easiest. Breakouts and skin irritations in this region of the face are typically associated with hormonal imbalances. This is the easy explanation for blisters that emerge at certain times of the month.

Keep your stress in check! If you know the coming weeks are particularly stressful ones, find ways to manage your anxiety and be proactive at managing balance in your life. This is easily done with choosing the right foods. Simplicity helps alleviate stress, so keep a tidy environment, add in a bit of extra fitness and take time for self-care, whatever that looks like to you.

Chin, Neck & Jaw-line breakouts can also reflect issues related to your reproductive organs. If the issue is persistent, seek medical attention to assess what may be an underlying issue.



Be extra careful that the cause of irritation on your cheeks isn’t due to touch. Our fingers bring excess oil and grime to our faces, often without much thought for what we’re doing. A fresh pillowcase, cleaned makeup brushes and a thorough face cleansing routine can go a long way to rejuvenating acne prone cheek skin.

If you think the problem lies deeper, consider your stomach as a first line of defence. Food intolerances often show up in our complexion before we notice other problems. Sugar, dairy and/or wheat are often culprits to initially explore.

Further issues could be related to other issues in your digestive system, including large intestines, stomach or kidneys. If you have concerns with these or a history of health issues, please consult with your medical practitioner.

A good night’s sleep, a diet packed with loads of phytochemicals (herbs and spices) and a pure skincare cleansing regime can go a long way to reversing agitated skin.



Irritation on the forehead is a common complaint. Afterall, the small intestine, represented here, is the first defence against food absorption. The lining of the small intestine, in places, is only one cell thick, or thin in this case. As we eat complex chemicals and foods for which we have intolerances, the small intestine is prone to damage. This we know as leaky gut and is the start to all autoimmune diseases.

You can keep tabs on your tummy and anything unusual you notice after eating. Help your skin by levelling up your vitamin C, leafy vegetables, drink plenty of water and use only pure toxin-free skincare products.

As you can see from the face mapping diagram, your small intestine only makes up a percentage of the territory represented by your forehead. Consult with your doctor if you foresee bladder, heart or liver issues as these are all serious and not for self-diagnosis.



We know the feeling when you have a zit on your nose – hello self-conscious!! The nose is a common place for blocked pores.

A great first defence is to apply castor oil as part of your skin regime. Castor oil and cleansing bars enhanced with it, counteract the sebum (natural oil) that our skin produces. With hormone imbalance, often excess sebum is produced by the skin. Castor oil naturally brings levels back to normal, in a way drying the skin to a perfect pH and moisture level.  

If your at-home self-care is having no effect and the problem persists, it’s time to visit the doctor.


face mapping map


Note: Face mapping is not conclusive to the untrained eye and many factors play into breakouts and other skin irritations. 

With that said, you don’t need a professional to take you through face mapping, although dermatologist have re-drawn the face map. They bring this traditional face study into a modern context to suit their industry. Keep in mind that medicine is a business and you are the customer. There’s a lot you can understand about yourself, alone.

The moral of this story is: Do not jump to conclusions. Gauge your skin overtime and seek the authority of medical professionals before taking serious action.