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Everything you need to know about Castor Oil Packing

Of course. Comprehensive and supportive instructions are included in each Castor Oil Pack Kit. We wouldn’t and couldn’t assume you’ve done this before – even though many in our community are castor oil packing gurus, the information is included all the same.

You will find instructions included for your specific version of the the kits offered.

Despite its sticky consistency, Castor Oil penetrates human skin with ease, when applied topically with a castor oil pack kit. The instructions are as follows:

Preparation is key:

  • Lay an old towel beneath where your body will rest during the treatment session. This will capture any oil drips and avoid staining other linens.
  • If you do not have a Dhana Wearable Compress Wrap, you will need a piece of cling-film or a plastic bag to protect linens from the oil adjacent to your skin.
    • Note plastic contains toxins. Its use with the application of heat, is not advisable for upholding ones best health.
  • A cotton flannel soaked in castor oil until wet, not dripping is applied to the skin.
    • You may wish to place the pack in a targeted area for relief of digestive, arthritis, muscular or other types of discomfort.
  • Within 20-45 minutes of applying the topical pack, the oil will be absorbed into the skin on its way into the bloodstream and organs.
    • Many people apply a hot water bottle for extra therapeutic care. There is no indication that more oil is absorbed with heat. *This is optional.
    • You may choose to wear a castor oil pack kit for the duration of the night. When paired with a Dhana Wearable Compress Wrap the process is made especially easy and comfortable. However, there is no indication that more oil is absorbed with prolonged use.
  • Remove the castor oil pack and carefully store it away for future treatments.
    • Be careful to avoid touching linens to the oil as it may leave a stain.
    • Store the wet flannel at room temperature in a glass storage jar, provided with the Dhana Expert’s Castor Oil Pack Kit
  • Wash your body, before re-applying clothes.
  • Repeat.
    • Follow the guidance of your health provider.
    • Castor oil packing may be completed up to several times per week.
    • With packing treatment, once the flannel is initially soaked in oil, only a fresh tbsp or two of oil is required for future treatments.

Within 20-45 minutes of applying the topical pack, the oil will be absorbed into the skin on its way into the bloodstream and organs.

You may choose to wear a castor oil pack kit for longer, event the duration of the night. When paired with a Dhana Wearable Compress Wrap the process is made especially easy and comfortable. However, there is no indication that more oil is absorbed with prolonged use.

Don’t fret darlin’ -If you followed the instructions and applied castor oil either directly to your skin, or via the supplied flannel, you did it all right and your body will have absorbed the oil, despite the fact that you are still feeling sticky.

There’s nothing we can do about the consistency of castor oil. It’s just part of the fun and you’ll have to get used to it in order to reap the benefits of its deep healing qualities.

The use of a hot water bottle is 100% optional when using a castor oil pack. Many people apply a hot water bottle for extra therapeutic care. There is no indication that more oil is absorbed into your body with heat.

A castor oil packing kit is a personal care item. Would you share a toothbrush? Probably not. This is a similar treatment process. As there is no antiseptic feature in castor oil, it’s best to keep each individual’s castor oil treatment kit separate.

You can, but it’s not recommended.

For a long time, in years past, a plastic layer was recommended between castor oil and linens. However, the chemicals in cling-film and plastic bags alike, are not good for your skin or your body’s endocrine system. Applying oil and heat (with an optional hot water bottle) directly to your skin with a layer of plastic in between is an opportunity for unwanted chemicals to penetrate your skin.

Alternatively, Dhana offers a Wearable Compress Wrap to hold the oil-soaked flannel in place, protect linens from oil stains and ease your movement during treatment or throughout the night, should you opt to wear it for a prolonged period.

No! Please don’t. Your great-grandmother may have taken castor oil by the spoonful, but she also may have drank out of lead cups. The world has learned a few things and evolved for good reason! Taking castor oil orally is no longer advised.

Taken orally, the oil is a severe laxative and further, its composition changes during its digestion, so it will not aid your body in the way you want it to when applied via a castor oil pack.

Dhana has put much effort into making the castor oil packing process easy and enjoyable for you. Please see the many treatment options available to you.

Castor Oil 101

Dhana Castor Oil is 100% pure, organic oil derived from the castor bean. This pure vegetable-derived oil is composed of triglycerides, that is 95% ricinoleic acid (an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and a hydroxy acid, combined.)

Castor oil, unlike other oils, can easily penetrate the skin’s layers deep into the organs and bloodstream. Once present in the body (via topical application) the oil is converted to white blood cells. These lymphocytes, as they’re called, move throughout the bloodstream and lymphatic system collecting toxins, excess proteins, repairing scar damage, wounds and more. Applying a castor oil pack, encourages the immune system to speed recovery.

Don’t let the sticky texture turn you off from using this superpower natural oil! Castor Oil stands apart from other oils because of its composition and ability to help in deep healing.

Composed largely of triglycerides (a vegetable fatty acid), 95% of which are ricinoleic acid, castor oil’s unique makeup is capable of absorbing deeply and easily through all the skins layers, unlike other vegetable oils. Once deep in the blood stream and organs, it is able to help push out toxins, enhance real care and accelerate wellness.

Yes. Extracted with care from the castor bean, ricinoleic acid is the main component of castor oil. It is safe for topical use as a moisturizer, soothing and deodorizing ones skin, treating acne and easily penetrates the skin’s layers for deep holistic healing with a Castor Oil Pack Treatment Kit. Note: Do not apply to open wounds, nor take orally.

Hexane is an organic compound used to extract vegetable oil from the beans and seeds from which it originates. A quick google search will tell you that hexane may cause irritations to skin and create difficulty in respiratory functions. For this reason, it is important to only ever purchase pure Castor Oil from Dhana or another brand with a Hexane-Free label.

Product Information

The outside of the wrap, is the layer that keeps the oil from seeping through the fabric. It is made from PUL. The material next to your skin is a soft bamboo cotton flannel. There is no vinyl, but the two small buttons that affix it to the wearer are plastic.

As is evident from the catalogue, there are a number of adult-sized Castor Oil Pack Kits from which to choose. The primary difference however is the smaller-sized flannel in the children’s kit, measuring 15 x 18 cm. The Children’s Castor Oil Pack Kit also contains a whimsical waxed cotton protective layer to place on top of the oiled flannel, keeping linens stain-free.

Supplied with each Dhana Castor Oil Pack Kit is a 250 ml bottle of pure castor oil. This holds true for the children’s kit as well.

Meanwhile, a standard sized adult-kit flannel measures 25-30 cm squared. This can be folded, cut or used in whole.

Specific Health Concerns

The short answer is yes. Castor oil packing is most effective at targeted relief, so placing a castor oil pack on sore joints would be most helpful. For treatment of widespread pain, however once your body has created lymphocytes enhancing your white blood cells, there’s no stopping how widely they will move within your body to alleviate strain, remove excess proteins and detox your system.

Yes, you’ve come to the right place. Locate your liver and apply the wet, oiled castor oil packing flannel to that area of your body. Follow the instructions contained in the Castor Oil Pack Kit and trust that your body will convert the castor oil into powerful white blood cells to push toxins from your liver and enhance digestive processes.

Yes. Your body has been through a lot and will be grateful you’re slowing down and giving it care. Any time after being in the hospital, at the dentist, having x-rays or enduring surgery is a great opportunity to detox your body with a castor oil pack home treatment.

Follow the instructions contained in your Castor Oil Pack Kit. This way your body will easily convert the castor oil to powerful lymphocytes to help you heal from within and release unnecessary toxins.

Castor Oil, composed differently from other oils, as is evident by its sticky, rather than viscos texture, should be in everyone’s skincare toolkit! You’ve likely heard the phrase ‘like attracts like’ and yet you may find it counter-intuitive to add castor oil to an already oily face. -This is where the magic of castor oil comes in.

Ricinoleic Acid slows the production of skins sebum (naturally occurring face oils). It is an excess of sebum that blocks pores and creates acne breakouts, along with stress, diet and contributing factors. By applying Dhana Castor Oil directly to the affected area, you are feeding your skin rich nutrients, deeply moisturizing it and meanwhile absorbing excess oil on the spot.

It is our recommendation is to apply castor oil once or twice daily for a week. Rinse and clean after each use with a calming facial soap. In this time you’ll notice a difference. Continue to minimize breakout, protect skin and decrease the long term effects of acne. *Note: results may vary.


Soap Specific Inquiries

No. Dhana Self-Care is a nut-free company!

*You may notice the ingredient labels contain shea nut butter and wonder if we’re being delusional in our nut-free claim. Please note that shea nuts do not contain the same protein that causes inflammation and severe allergies in people. There is no chance of an allergy with shea butter. With this, we confidently offer you a nut-free product iine.

There is no alcohol in any of Dhana’s formulas, oils or even home care products.

Good question. Tea is super high in antioxidants and nutrients, especially the purple, green and rooibos teas that are most often used in Dhana Self-Care formulas. These teas offer your skin goodness that is quickly absorbed within, even before you can turn on the tap and wash it away.

We recommend you start using a natural soap bar for a few weeks and notice the difference in your skin!

This is a really great question. A number of years ago, back when the company was called Refresh Tea & Soap Co, we made a YouTube video about this topic. Unfortunately, it’s now housed on a YouTube channel we can no longer access. Still the link works and you can head over there and watch the video, It’s short, simple and gets straight to the point.

How Soap Works (1:10)

You might also be interested in What Makes Soap Lather? (0:46)

We get asked this quite often, and have a number of answers to share with you:

Dhana’s catalogue doesn’t contain any liquid soaps because the moment you add moisture to a product formula, you must then add preservatives. We’re all about pure toxin-free skincare around here and there’s enough green-washing in the industry, that we don’t want to even have to consider what kind of preservatives we’d use if our products required them. Furthermore, committed to a no-plastic policy, skin-bar products are the easiest way to offer you pure, eco-friendly, 100% natural products that are nourishing to your wellness with the planet in mind. Like wine and cheese, bar soaps get better as they age, not worse!

Shipping & Returns

Dhana Self-Care ships worldwide from the UK. Please select the shipping option which best serves you in the checkout process.

Due to the personal nature of the care products sold by Dhana Self-Care, we can only accept returns for full refund on items still sealed in their original packaging. Products must be returned with 25 days of original sale to qualify.

Should you have a problem with an order received, please contact us directly.


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