Gifting, the Right Way

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Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to give gifts to your friends and family? Exciting times are with us, ahead of Black Friday and the start of the holiday shopping season. Now’s the time to get it right, to be sure that your ideas jive with the people for whom you’re buying. 

To make you the best shopper and giver you can be, we’ve got a question for you.

Do you know what they really want this Christmas?

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Love Gifting -the right way!

Do you know the love language of your friends and family members?
What’s a love language, you ask?

A love language is the way or means through which an individual prefers to receive and give.

A man named Gary Chapman coined the term. He wrote a book and created an online quiz for easy identification. (Note: we have no affiliation with Gary or his products, just happen to love the topic and hope to help you make this holiday season even more meaningful by sharing this now.)

There are five of these love languages. 

  • words of affirmation

  • quality time

  • receiving gifts

  • acts of service

  • physical touch

In a world ripe for connection, and yet in some areas with simply too much waste, the pre-holiday season is a great opportunity to suss-out these gifting preferences among your loved ones. Perhaps you’ve never asked before and have simply been gifting based on your love language, but that’s not necessarily a shared language, even if they’re related. 

Each individual has to answer the questions to determine their own love language. So, get your peeps together for some pre-holiday fun and take the quiz. Then you’ll each know what type of gift is best for members of the crew. 

You might be thinking ‘but at Christmastime everyone loves to receive material gifts!’… think again. Isn’t that where the concept of re-gifting comes from? Nice enough gift, but it can be passed along just as easily. Not all items are the expression of love your friend will appreciate most sincerely. 


Deeper than our Circumstances

It was around the time when I was emptying my house, selling it and moving continents, when I was introduced to the concept of Love Languages. In that moment, I thought how, of course, I’d not want any material gifts. However, I came to realized quickly, that love languages aren’t circumstantial; they are with us throughout life. 

As Gary Chapman’s objective aims to help individuals improve their relationships with others, thinking far beyond holiday gifting, I can assure you that the languages with which you identify resonate back into your childhood, just as they will stay with you long into the future. If assessed correctly, you won’t need to worry about your friends and family’s languages of gifting changing. They are what they are!

Gift with the value of knowing what’s right this holiday season.

Gifts with Purpose

You can’t go wrong with self-care. It says, “take time and be good to yourself” and what could be a nicer sentiment. With this in mind, Dhana’s 2022 Holiday Gift Collection speaks care, compassion and helping our friends and family members be their best most-confident selves. 

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