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Thank you for visiting Refresh Tea & Soap Co. Hello! I’m Ashley –

I’m excited to share with you purple leaf tea in four loose leaf blends and tea infused bath & body bars.

*** Note – this post was part of Dhana’s predecessor company, but since it was our start, we’ve kept it for posterity. Enjoy reading about our business beginnings!***

Upon moving to the UK in late 2017, people inquired how I was finding the hard water situation. I was told, and surprised to hear that soap won’t lather and scaling is a problem. I’d noticed the scaling, but thought people were crazy regarding soap, until it dawned on me, the only products I’d used since arriving were handmade bars I’d brought from a long term hobby back in Canada.

It seems a natural lather brought by vegan oils, namely coconut and castor oil, take on hard water like nothing used locally. Although not where Refresh Tea & Soap Co originated, see our about page for details on this, a local hard water issue, easily solved with artisan vegan soaps is a problem in which we can easily assist!

You will find posts that follow, help you get to know our products and passions. We look forward to sharing them with you!