Online Changes

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Dear Blog Readers;

I hope this message finds you enjoying a peaceful holiday amongst friends and family!

Over the holidays Refresh Tea & Soap Co. has changed its online presence to become more engaging and allow for easily searched information. Please check out the brand new and exciting website at and the blog has shifted to a new domain Let me explain how this affects you:

While some challenges are surmountable with a learning curve and technical know-how, this one is too big for me, and the idea of porting a list of subscribers from one domain to another possibly contradicts GDRP (European Privacy Laws) where individuals select from whom they receive emails.

The workaround, should you wish to continue following the Refresh Tea Blog, is to please Join the Family at the link. You will receive nothing further from this website and the original list of subscribers will be destroyed.

Plans for 2019 are in place with increased blog engagement: stories, videos, news links, recipes, and lots of fun information that you won’t find anywhere else!

I am grateful to you for your continued support Refresh Tea & Soap Co and for taking the time to follow the new and improved Refresh Tea Blog.

Wishing you continued warmth and happiness for the holiday season!