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The first indication of something wrong in your gut, is often evidenced by a skin irritation – even when we don’t make the connection.

Simply, when digestive organs are inflamed by foods, emotions and toxicity, they become permeable. Food particles and acids escape the leaky gut into the body causing irritations elsewhere that contribute to auto-immune diseases. These either stay deep inside or show up on the skin.

Like your gut, your skin is permeable. Only, when used correctly it provides a positive opportunity to allow pure nourishing treatments to counteract irritations and help you to heal.

“The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”

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The upkeep of your skin is important. Whether you’re faced with challenges or not (no pun intended) Dhana aims to help you look and feel your best with ease.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ (if you don’t count the surface area of your small intestine.) Without your skin working at its premium, you are subject to diseases and environmental impurities at various stages of life’s journey.

Men’s Skin vs Women’s Skin

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Baby Skincare

Likewise, there are differences between the needs of various family members. Take babies for instance, they have the most sensitive skin of everyone in your house. Dhana Self-Care offers a baby-specific Pure & Pretty cleansing bar and something for the whole family.


There are seasons in everyone’s life when our skincare products must adjust according to what our bodies are enduring. A fertility journey is one such moment – for more information and FREE Download, please see the blog post Essential Oils & Your Health.