About Dhana Self-Care


Dhana Natural Self-Care is a small artisan brand, based in Golders Green, London, that has a big heart. We know that the best parts of life come only when you release ideas and toxins that don’t serve your best interest. With that, we bring you a wellness line that’s luxuriously simple, deeply healing and inspired by the worlds’ oldest natural tea and oil medicines. We share the inspiration behind the Brand below.

in purple tea plantation
bud of purple tea
purple tea pile

What my personal and business journeys have in common, is the continual need to release complications and toxins, to create a holistic harmony.

Hi, I’m Ashley, Founder at Dhana Natural Self-Care!

It would be an understatement to say I am in awe of our skin and its miraculous ability to protect, heal and communicate with us. Yes, you read that right -your skin talks to you!

My long-term personal journey through various acute health issues, in hindsight, was often identified by my skin health, or lack thereof. The key is to listen and follow the hints, which for a long time, I did not.

It would have been easy, if my skin simply directed me to what was wrong and I had the clarity to understand and remediate it, but where’s the fun in that? Our lives are layered with complications, from emotional struggles, to misaligned beliefs, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, the good, the bad and so much more. Ignore these for long enough, as I did, and all that emotional ‘dis-ease’ becomes real physical diseases rolling in one after the other.

It was in the midst of a busy life, composed of all the things we work for socially, professionally and materialistically, when the anchor dropped and I felt unfulfilled, lost and incredibly unhealthy.

When neither doctors nor any store-product could heal me, I got creative. First, I targeted my skin. Eliminating skincare products down to their purest elements, I created my very first healing formulas for my own skin and digestive care.

With further fascination of how the body speaks to us, I’ve come to understand the spiritual connection between our emotions and organs. Why particular diseases land where they do, is a recipe found in unprocessed emotions. My gallstones didn’t just roll in for fun, they were little rocks of fear I create within myself.

With Dhana Natural Self-Care, I’ve been able to heal my own health and share that passion with friends who’ve also bid farewell to their wellness problems. It is our goal to help you release your toxin to create clarity in your skin and life!

Best wishes,


Founders Favourite

Dhana [d’hanah] -means “thoughtful” in Swahili, the language of Kenya where purple tea originates; and is the intention through which self-care is applied.

Designer Formulas

By eliminating chemical fragrances and harmful toxins used by major skin corporations, at Dhana you are invited to bring easy natural healthcare back into style!

The ancient healing of castor oil meets the modern wellness of purple tea. There are no surprises in Dhana’s all-natural, minimalistic formulas, instead we help you Go Toxin Free! Dhana offers you a multi-sensory spa-at-home experience like no other! 

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