You’re the tummy ache Queen.

In a backwards way, your super-high pain threshold may just be your superpower!

Despite ongoing pains, you still get your stuff done! You can run circles, well, at least gracefully walk laps around friends and family members when they complain of being under the weather.

But, this -and maybe some obnoxious skin problems- has been your reality for far too long.

It’s tiring. It’s painful. And you just want to feel normal again.

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place!

This is where I come in, darlin’

Hi, I’m Chana (aka Ashley) Fleischer, founder of Dhana Natural Self-Care.

If I could, I’d reach through the computer screen and give you a hug.

I feel your pain. I may not have had the exact same diagnosis. Actually, for nearly two decades of constant excruciating monthly-pains, I was left in the horribleness, diagnosis-free.

I constantly popped pain killers, (until later in life when they became more serious drugs, as I’d done a number on my stomach). Meanwhile, in my youth, nobody recognized that anything was wrong. I hid it too well. I was always keeping up!

I lived in that waffle-state between: Should I advocate for myself? and I’ll just shut up and suck it up. Mostly, I chose the latter. We were, after all, in that era before self-care was a widely discussed concept.

Finally, years later, tired of being sick and having horrible skin conditions on top of it all, I took the only step that made sense. I went vegan and aimed to detox my skin with homemade skin products.

I dug in to the research. I learned everything I could about how botanicals and vegetable-based oils contribute to natural formulas. Focussing on their properties, I learned how to make the best combinations for particular skin conditions. There were experiments, flops, play and perfection.

To put it plainly, I nerded-out! I shifted my passions from gardening and cooking into plant medicine.

Also, I learned how plants have been used and manipulated in the skincare industry. I cringe to call it skin-care. These days, there’s a lot less care and a whole lot more filler and fluff sold for our bodies. It’s green-washed and marketed to the masses.

While my skin got better, my vegan experiment had the opposite effect. It landed me in the hospital. Unlike my past ailments, these serious conditions had names, but they also had stones. Ouch!

Evidently, I still wasn’t listening to my body. I was simply trying to fix it on a physical level. The problems had shifted, but I hadn’t fixed anything!

dried herbs hanging from the ceiling

This was when a coach told me to take a bath. What a weird suggestion, I thought. We met over the phone, so they had no idea whether or not I actually needed a bath. -I didn’t, by the way!

I was however, living a busy life. And, the suggestion, more to the point, was to practice slowing down. In those days, I couldn’t fathom taking luxury breaks from all the things life demanded of me: work, home projects, studies, hobbies, social and more. You know the drill.

Showers were my thing, because they were hot and fast. Who, I wondered, had time for baths, anyway?

house love

I did eventually take that bath. And, long story short, it led me to a process of detoxifying my life in a serious way. I started with:

  • painting walls of which I’d never liked the colour,
  • releasing digital and physical clutter,
  • alleviating my brain of the constant unwanted chatter,
  • saying goodbye to outdated beliefs,
  • feeling and then healing buried emotional upsets, and finally
  • unfriending people with whom I no longer resonated.

It wasn’t until I shifted from the need to operate as a human-doing, into a state of gracefully ‘being’ human, when my body finally gave up being sick.

Healing emotional dis-ease, was the missing link in my physical healing process.

I believe that our bodies are a map. When read correctly, they help us discern where focus is needed.

Ask yourself this: Are you holding onto an identity associated with being sick? If so, what meaning do you give it? and, who could you be without it?

The products that now make up Dhana Natural Self-Care’s concise catalogue, kept me going in times of immense pain. They then helped me fully heal once integrated with a process of releasing stored emotional traumas. And now they’ve worked for countless others.

green leaf icon

I never would have thought that a funny out-of-place suggestion to take a bath, could have had so much impact on my life and business. I now LOVE baths!!

You can now find me, a happy, and creative, bibliophile and a tiny-home enthusiast. You guessed it, I took the decluttering idea to an extreme!  And, along the way, it presented the opportunity to release the big house in Canada, whose season in my life had come to an end. Instead, now I feel peaceful with a healthy purpose, living and entrepreneur-ing (as I call it) nestled between green-spaces in NW London.

The detox journey continues. Even as I shift and call it personal development, I wonder why wouldn’t want to be on a growth journey. It’s simply lovely how quickly healing happens when you give yourself the love, care and attention you always craved.

Direct message me for support with your health and specific skincare challenges. Let’s do this together.


Designer Formulas

By eliminating chemical fragrances and harmful toxins used by major skin corporations, at Dhana you are invited to bring easy natural healthcare back into style!

The ancient healing of castor oil meets the modern wellness of purple tea and natural botanicals. There are no surprises in Dhana’s all-natural, minimalistic formulas, instead we help you Go Toxin-Free! Be captivated by this new multi-sensory spa-at-home experience! 

Full Ingredient List