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Castor Oil Pack Kits

Replacement Flannel & Castor Oil


Castor Oil Pack Kits

Castor Oil Pack Kit


Castor Oil Pack Kits

Castor Oil 250ml


Castor Oil Pack Kits

Ultimate Self-Care Gift


Why use a Castor Oil Pack

How does it work?

Improves Circulation


When your body starts to produce more lymphocytes, they help release toxins. This naturally creates a boost in circulation. With blood flowing smoothly and without obstacles, more oxygen is delivered to your vital organs improving your general health.

Inflammation & Pain Reduction


Alone or as a supplement to other treatment, Castor Oil can reduce pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, ulcerative colitis, endometriosis and other diseases. Easily carrying away proteins and waste, it reduces inflammation in your body.

Eases Bloating & Encourages Weight Loss


A positive first step on a weight loss journey, Castor Oil Packing can help detox a fatty liver. Using castor oil packs regularly paired with healthy eating, lots of water and an active lifestyle, brings about weight loss with faster results than otherwise possible.