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2014: Eczema is found to be an immune-driven disease.

Researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Centre, NY, discovered atopic dermatitis (eczema) to be an immune-driven disease at the molecular level.

Prior to 2014, doctors classified eczema as a genetic and environmental problem, thought to be triggered by stress or acute external trauma to the skin. 

Now classified similar to Psoriasis, in that the body’s immune system aims to attack invading viruses, but mistakenly attacks bodily tissues instead. 

Link to Mount Sinai Research

Dear Eczema: Let's Break Up!

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Natural At-Home Treatment Options:

  • The key to eczema management is to stay ahead of the dryness. Using moisturizers, pure castor or coconut oil, and moisture-rich natural soaps help to lock-in moisture.
  • Note that traditional pharmaceutical lotions list water as one of the first ingredients – you want to avoid this, as water will draw the moisture out of your skin, rather than the goal of replacing it. 
  • Submerging in a lukewarm bath once daily with moisturizing oils and natural soaps may help the skin to maintain its moisture. 
  • Consider tracking food to understand if something eaten creates a trigger for inflammation.
  •  A toner of diluted apple cider vinegar and water can help to balance the skin’s pH and assist in eczema treatment.
  • For dry itchy, scaling, rough skin, consider colloidal oatmeal. A paste applied to skin, can reduce irritation. Adding a hint of coconut oil is never a bad idea to help lock in moisture.

eczema comic - says " some people would say she's admiring her ring, I say she has eczema."