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Castor Oil Pack Kits

Castor Oil Pack Kit


A Highlight on Castor Oil

For centuries grandmothers and midwives alike, have used Castor Oil as nature’s alternative to pain relief. Still used today in easing endometriosis, aid fibroid treatment and more, it’s the easy, natural solution to alleviate fertility pains.

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Dhana Self-Care offers the UK’s 1st sustainable and reusable all-in-one Castor Oil Pack Kit. It is our aim to keep you vertical, happy and feeling healthy. 

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How does Castor Oil Work to alleviate pain?

Castor oil is made up of triglycerides of which ricinoleic acid makes up approximately 90%. It’s what sets the oil apart with a sticky and viscus consistency, unlike other, more slimy-feeling oils.

Ricinoleic acid targets your lymphatic system, that, among other functions, drains the body of toxins. Lymphocytes are the body’s natural disease fighters. They are a type of white blood cell that targets infection and inflammation, removing proteins and waste from within organs and from your bloodstream, that has built-up as excess overtime.

With targeted absorption through your skin – that’s what packing is! A pack is a piece of fabric soaked in oil and applied to your skin. With this, castor oil is able to seep deep into your organs, encouraging the creation of lymphocytes within your blood to encourage your best health. 

Product Preview

Take a look at what’s inside a Castor Oil Pack Kit before it arrives on your doorstep. Note, this is the UK’s only sustainable, zero-waste castor oil kit option.