The Skin-Gut Connection

Your skin is like the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. The first indication of something going wrong is often evidenced by your skin. 

“The best foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin”

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psoriasis on a woman's hand and arm. Zoomed in to her white shirt, we don't see her head.
close up of a woman with arms crossed on a table. We see her bleu shirt as a background for the words "World Psoriasis Day" Oct 23rd
Psoriasis is not CONTAGIOUS, but awareness is!

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes rashes with itchy and scaly patches. It’s a common, long-term (chronic) disease. The condition seems to flare for a number of weeks before subsiding. Dhana aims to help you alleviate the irritation of symptoms. 

I used to have horribly itchy psoriasis on my scalp. With the use of Align-mint peppermint & tea-tree shampoo bar, it’s all disappeared! – Cecile L.

Natural Treatment Options:

  • Rather than lotion, that pulls moisture from your skin, consider using an all-natural vegetable oil. A gentle massage of coconut oil into affected areas will enhance a rich hydrated sensation. Repeat up to twice daily.
  • Products like a Pure & Pretty Soap designed for baby-soft and sensitive skin are ideal for psoriasis sufferers.
  • Other natural supplements include magnesium found in eating nuts and soaking in bath salts.
  • If you live close to the ocean, consider taking a dip. 
  • Using essential oils? Be sure to dilute them to avoid unwanted irritation. Alone or blended, we recommend lavender, clove, tea tree, peppermint and citrus essential oils for their cleansing and antiseptic qualities. 

Gentle Psoriasis-Friendly Care...

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Dear Eczema: Let’s Break Up!

Atopic Eczema is the most common type of Atopic Dermatitis, a condition that causes the skin to become itchy, dry and cracked. While more common in children than adults, it can also develop for the first time in adults. 

Not infectious, eczema is often found in individuals who’s parents are prone to the condition. Meanwhile, it is triggered by environmental conditions from dry-cold weather, to detergents and chemicals you may encounter depending on your kitchen and laundry practices, food sensitivities, environmental dampness, pollen, molds and more. 

Natural Treatment Options:

  • The key to eczema management is to stay ahead of the dryness. Using moisturizers, pure castor or coconut oil, and moisture-rich natural soaps help to lock-in moisture.
  • A lukewarm bath once daily with moisturizing oils and natural soaps helps the skin to maintain its moisture. 
  • Consider tracking food to understand if something eaten creates a trigger for inflammation.
  •  A toner of apple cider vinegar and water can help to balance the skin’s pH and assist in eczema treatment.
  • For dry itchy, scaling, rough skin, consider colloidal oatmeal. A paste applied to skin, can reduce irritation. 

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