Skincare for a Queen

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On Thursday, June 2nd, London, the UK and locations across the Commonwealth will light up with celebrations for the Platnum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. At 96 years of age and with 70 years on the throne, Her Majesty has attended countless events, inaugurations and celebrations. Through it all, photographic close-ups reveal still-youthful skin. So what is her secret? And better yet, how can you and I have skincare for a queen?   

What we can learn from the Queen’s face, comes from her daily choices and care habits. Of these, there are five solid takeaways you can add to your wellness and skincare routine. 


10 Tips to Aging Gracefully like a Queen

1) Sun Protection is the Key to Youthful Skin!

Those big-brimmed hats are not for nothing! If sporting a hat isn’t your thing, be sure to slather on some SPF before heading outdoors!

2) You are What you Eat!

It is said that the Queen eats simply: a breakfast of cereal with cows milk (none of this fancy schmancy vegan milk, but to each your own!) Her other meals are meat proteins, combined with vegetables and fruit.

It’s important to note, she includes a daily indulgence! Some say this is a gin martini or a similar beverage, before dinner. So if you’re on a strict diet, maybe think again and remember that treats are ok, when chosen right!

3) Fit to Rule!

On a state visit to Washington D.C. in 1991, then-President George Bush joked that the Queen’s quick pace “left even the secret service panting!” 

Are you making time for fitness? There’s no doubt it will keep you spry and healthy! If not for your skin, get outside and walk, as the Queen does, for a long and healthy life. Her aids and butlers have indicated she can walk for miles! Could you keep up?

4) Know your Signature Colour!

Favouring French luxury brand Clarins, ahead of her 1953 Coronation, Queen Elizabeth II had a lipstick colour commissioned to coordinate with her gown. It is noted that she changes her lip colour, but keeps to a range of colours she knows work for her.

What’s your go to colour? Make it a signature in your personal branding.

5) Simplicity Wins!

It is said that Queen Elizabeth’s beauty regime is not complicated or expensive. Her go-to moisturizer is by Elizabeth Arden – after all, the Elizabeth’s have to stick together!! She applies this twice daily.

Our takeaway here is whatever moisturizer you choose, perhaps you like a green and clean brand, but whatever your choice, use it twice daily to lock in the youthful goodness of your skin.

6) Drink Plenty of Water.

This should go without saying, but in case you missed the memo, water helps keep your skin hydrated and happy!

7) Use Products that Bring You Joy!

Brands that are given Her Majesty’s seal of approval are used regularly in Buckingham Palace. These include Molton Brown, Yardley London, Floris Eau de Toilette, Essie Nail Varnish, and of course Elizabeth Arden and Clarins, among others. 

Pick your own products and use them because you love them. No comparisons are necessary. Your friends will have their own brands. Simply use what you love!

8) Mix up Gentle and Bold Fragrances!

It is said that Queen Elizabeth likes a burst of freshness in her morning bath with a bergamot & lemon from Molton Brown. She switches-it-up with a soft lavender hand soap from Yardley, eau de toilette from Floris London. Floris is tight-lipped about the specific scent the Queen uses, but evidence points towards the White Rose, rich in carnation flower essence.

Scent is very personal in that it brings with it memories and individual taste. Know your scent profile and let it help you go out into the world with a happy attitude. 

9) Celebrate Your own Beauty Style!

Your skincare routine is as unique to you, as the queen you are, in your own life. Whatever you choose, choose to love your own beauty regime. 

10) Take the Queen’s Skincare Tips & Go with Clean-Green Skincare:

Dhana Self-Care’s Platinum Jubilee Offer

In line with Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, at Dhana we’re celebrating with a Flash Sale on Bergamot products. Nothing says Britain like a cuppa of Earl Grey Tea, a London Fog Latte or a Chamomile before bed. 

If you’ve followed Dhana Self-care since the beginning, you’d know that we started as a tea company! Celebrating a traditional English Tea is our thing, only we let you do it in the bath, with luxury soap bars on your favourite scents.

Dhana’s Raise the Bar Earl Grey Tea Soap combines swirls of activated grey charcoal, tea fannings (tiny tea pieces left over in tea processing) and bergamot and orange essential oils. Gentle enough for the face, this bar brings coconut, shea and cocoa butter for a soft latte-like lather your skin will thank you for. 

Is Earl Grey not your scent of choice? Dhana Self-Care is also offering the Pure & Pretty Unscented Baby Soap for this special Jubilee. See link for details!

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