Soap Science 101


Soap is one of the oldest and yet, still standard commodities in our homes. Unless you’ve switched to pump soap, you’re effectively using the same product that your grandmother used to use and that’s the same as the product Refresh Tea & Soap Co continues to make. 

So how does it work? Keeping us clean for generation after generation, there has to be something complicated going on here, right? Check out the short video (01:09) to get a handle on this slippery subject!

Content with your new found knowledge, but the questions and answers don’t stop here. I’m sharing another little soap nugget with you, so you can be right up on it and ace the quiz! (Joking, there’s no quiz!)

Let’s talk about lather while we’re at it (for 00:46). It seems the combination of vegan oils in Refresh Tea & Soap Co. soaps are capable of defying even the hardest of hard water areas. London’s water is difficult, at best, to brew a decent cup of tea and I’ve been told, with which to create a lather. I was unaware of this problem, always using my own soap recipe, only to find customers elated by the opportunity to enjoy #loveatfirstlather moments.

Got a soap or tea question? Leave a message in the comments below and I’ll try to answer it for you.