We’re on YouTube!

Dhana Founder, Ashley, in lavender field.

Aside from books, which I’m a big fan of, if you’re anything like me online, you’d rather watch a quick video than read a long paragraph or five that makes up an article. Despite this, and my love for writing, I have hesitated until now to shift to the use of videos for my business. 

Even here, I’m embedding videos, brief ones like this one of 02:14, with hopes that you’ll continue to read, the short text below…

Videos, it seems, are the business owner’s only way forward and thus, like it or not, a new part of the “entrepreneur-ing” journey. With YouTube now the largest search engine after Google, the world has defined how we prefer to digest information!

Being regularly asked questions about purple tea (and providing 01:02 in content here.) Upcoming clips will be related to tea, benefits of the recipes I’ve created and simple tips for using natural ingredients, I aim to combine videos and (now old fashioned) text blogging depending on the topic at hand. 

With this, I invite you to subscribe to Refresh Tea on YouTube if you’re a video enthusiast or to sign up for posts and video links shared here, all in one place.