Why Tea in Soap?

purple tea pile

When you realize you’re attracting in the wrong business-related questions. You quickly realize it’s because you’ve been thinking about your business in the wrong way. 

What’s the problem with the question?

After making this video, I’ve realized it captures a question I don’t like being asked that I’ve attracted to myself by not expressing, in the best way, what I do and why I love to do it. (It’s not a lie, it’s just a surface-level response.) The opportunity to discuss the real, or at least deeper, reasons why I came into the skin-care business are yet to come on this v-blog.

All that for another day, only to say here, that “done is better than perfect!” This video is one response to a question from which I hope to distance the business.

P.S. With reconsidering how I express this business comes a web and product upgrade. See more online. 

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