Why Use A Castor Oil Pack?

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Mention castor oil to an older person, say your mother or grandmother, depending on their generation, and they’ll say “oh yes” with familiarity, “we used to take it by the spoonful.” This is one of those things, like dishes sealed with lead. In time the world has realized its dangers and stopped the practice of using it. While lead is full-on poison, castor oil is just an extreme laxative, with a horrible taste creating nausea and vomiting. The medical world now warns against its use orally. However, if used topically, Castor Oil brings amazingly positive results. Why use a Castor Oil Pack? You ask, let’s get you in on the secret…

What is Castor Oil?

Often mistaken for beans, because of their appearance, castor oil is the result of pressing seeds from the ricinus communis plant. The castor seed is rich in triglycerides with ricinoleic acid, making up about 90% of the oil. Castor Oil’s incredible healing benefits, and what sets it apart from other oils, are attributed to ricinoleic acid.

Unlike other oils, castor oil is less slick and oily textured and more viscus and sticky. Take note if you use it, that it can and will stain fabrics. When used with care, its powerhouse healing can work wonders on your insides and skin! 

The 101 on Castor Oil Packs

Everything you need to Castor Oil Pack (with 20-25 future uses) is in each box of Dhana Self-Care Castor Oil Pack Kit.

Once you open the box, you’ll find everything you need from start to finish. Included are friendly instructions, so you feel like you have a girlfriend along for the journey. 

Make yourself comfortable and you’re set to start. By placing the oil-soaked flannel on your stomach or area of concern, you cover it with a heating source. Lay back and rest for 20-45 minutes.

That’s all it takes… but what exactly is happening in that time?

The Real Questions

Why use a castor oil pack? & How does it work?

Health practitioners and wellness gurus from Egypt and throughout the Middle East have been using Castor Oil for centuries. It may be new on your radar, but it’s certainly not a new treatment. Whether you’re facing a fertility issue, digestive problems, arthritis or it’s something your medical advisor has suggested, Castor oil packing isn’t just for the alternative or green health folk…

Ricinoleic acid targets your lymphatic system. Lymphocytes are the body’s natural disease fighters. They are white blood cells (B-cells and T-cells) each with their own functions, but together they help control immune responses. When there’s an infection within your body, their production level increases to fight what ails you. These blood cells help to drain the body of toxins and proteins that build up overtime in your organs and blood.

By using a castor oil pack, absorbing oil through your skin, into your targeted organs and your bloodstream, you’re enhancing the production of lymphocytes and encouraging detoxification and healing for that particular body function.

Take your liver for example. Providing a powerful enhancement to the liver’s already effective detoxification system, liver-targetted castor oil packing is an ancient practice to help support and optimize the organ’s function.

As everything in the body and mind are connected, you’ll often find health practicioners recommend patients do a castor oil pack 1-2 times per week, if they’re dealing with liver issues – like fatty liver in addition to mental health concerns, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, fertility challenges and more.

**Please take advise from your healthcare provider and note that castor oil packs are best used to supplement other supports for liver health and targeted healing programmes.

Improves Circulation

When your body starts to produce more lymphocytes, it releases toxins. This naturally creates a boost in circulation. When your blood is flowing smoothly and without obstacles, more oxygen is delivered to your vital organs improving your general health.

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Don’t stop at your liver for detoxification, castor oil has been known to reduce inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or as a supplement to other treatments. With detoxing properties, Castor Oil can carry away proteins and waste, thus reducing inflammation in your body.

Eases Bloating & Encourages Weight Loss

Often used to detox a fatty liver, this is the first step in a weightless journey. Using castor oil packs regularly paired with healthy eating, drinking liquids, and an active lifestyle, brings about weight loss with faster results than otherwise possible. 

Other Topical Treatments

Hair Care

While always used as a topical treatment both for internal detoxing and external healing, the value of using castor oil exceeds the properties of other oils. Perhaps most commonly, it is known for its ability to thicken hair. Often added to shampoo, including into Dhana Self-Care’s Align-mint Shampoo Bars, castor oil enhances healthy, thick, lush hair, encouraging its growth from the follicle.

If massaging it directly on your scalp, use the oil sparingly and rinse thoroughly, otherwise it will leave your hair sticky and greasy.


Makeup Remover & Facial Care

Use castor oil as a natural alternative to face wash! Products laden with chemicals all too frequently include preservatives, parabens and beauty industry no-no’s for anyone reaching for clean-skincare. Your best skin and body health lies in natural products trusted for centuries.

By applying a small amount of castor oil, available in various bottle sizes from Dhana Self-Care, onto a cloth or cotton swab, you can easily remove makeup and moisturize your face. After all, oil stops oil production in your skin, so this healthy oil is key. If you only use a tiny amount, you can leave it on your skin, but generally, you’ll want to wash it away with a gentle natural face soap once your skin feels clean and refreshed.



Castor oil is prone to stain linens, so you’re advised to place an old towel beneath your body when you use your castor oil pack. Preparation is the key to a successful experience and easy clean-up!

Each Dhana Self-Care Castor Oil Pack Kit comes with complete clean-up kit that’s organic handmade and gentle on your skin, while easily cutting-through the oil to wash it away when you’re finished.


Follow Up with Us

Got more questions about Castor Oil? Send them along. We’ll be happy to add to this discussion and help to keep you informed.

Discover the value of feeling well with ease. Each Dhana Self-Care Castor Oil Pack Kit sets you up with the essentials and enough supplies to create 20-25 packing experiences. Now’s the time to say hello to feeling your best!


*Please remember that Castor Oil is for external topical use ONLY. Our goal is to help you discover your best health, not to get sick on an outdated understanding of product usage.

**Further, Dhana Natural Self-Care Ltd makes no medical claims. Please seek advise from your medical provider. 


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