Foundations for Growth

flower in palms

They say “the grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.” 

What if that patch of grass was never meant to grow? Instead is it a learning curve for the less-than-green-thumbed? Perhaps any amount of watering, or even over-watering, simply gives foundations for growth, preparing us for the real task, when the time is right. 

New business owners are told by coaches and wise people, not to rebrand. Instead, focus on marketing and sales. There comes a time, however, when enough is enough. Recognizing a brands faults, confusions and growing pains which creates the inevitable need for change. In a brand, this is comparable to being stuck at the beginning of a journey of self-care. Maybe this brand needs to take its own advice to heart…   

Refresh Tea & Soap Co has come to that place. It’s time to dig up the sod and lay down a new path forward. 

We’d like to introduce you to Dhana. She, like other elephants you know, represents the strong who are getting stronger. The leader of her herd, she holds the determination to move forward with clarity and kindness despite her challenges. She represents the foundations for growth we aspire for in our own lives. 

The word Dhana brings meanings from the world’s two elephant habitats. Meaning “thought” or “thoughtfulness” in the Swahili of Kenya from which purple tea originates and “wealth” in Sanskrit. Together they are appropriate for exploring a journey of self-empowerment and identifying the meaning of those words/concepts for ourselves. 

Thank you for sharing the journey with Refresh Tea & Soap Co to date. We look forward to introducing you to the ambitious aspirations of Dhana Natural Self-Care. You will find developments here and on Youtube as Dhana moves forward to new pastures. 

The gallery below shares some brand highlights from the company’s beginning:

Celebrating Dhana’s Launch

You will find new and renewed products, as well as promotional prices throughout the month of February in the shop. Updates will be ongoing. Let us help you celebrate the month of love and self-love with unbeatable prices on pure self-care.