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From Consumers to Dermatologists

Google’s 2017 Beauty Trend Report announced that year as the “Year of Vegan Skin Care” only to grow further into 2018 and onwards.  With consumers increasingly interested in the effects products and their ingredients have on their bodies, not only are demands changing, but dermatologists are weighing-in with their own take on the benefits of holistic natural ingredients. 

To paraphrase some of these: Vegan ingredients are naturally simple, ideal for sensitive skin, highlighting skins’ beauty by adding care and moisture to problem solve, where more complicated ingredients may cause discomfort. 

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Market Trends

It’s no secret veganism has become huge over the last few years. From the report: Searches for vegan skin care have increased 83% year to year in the US, with 13x the number of searches in the US over France. Meanwhile, of the three targetted markets reviewed, almost no representation of the trend exists amongst Japanese consumers. Organisations from Glamour Magazine, to PETA, and independent blogs to Google are on trend making recommendations for the newest, green and vegan alternatives to long term health and cosmetics products. Even for meat and dairy eaters, there seems a draw to know what we’re putting on our skin. It simply come down to knowledge, ethics, and comfort.

Speaking of ethics, data from Market Research Future predicts a 6.1% increase in cruelty-free products alone from 2017-2023. Whether interested in animal rights or not, consumers are increasingly well informed, able to access information to fuel their decisions, and reaching daily for ethical life choices. 

As with most things, the choice ultimately resides in our wallets, and no matter what outside packaging attracts you, listed ingredients, or whatever your purchase pleasure… it’s a great time to be interested in vegan cosmetics products.

Why Choose Us?

Refresh Tea & Soap Co. Ltd brings its own twist to the vegan cosmetics market. Tea as the worlds’ first medicine, likely originated in China’s Yunnan region during the Shang Dynasty has been brewed and blended for centuries. Our passion for rare teas and wellness products brings ‘Love at First Lather’ with exclusive teas paired with, and infused into handmade bath and body care products, helping you feel and look your best.

Committed to only working with fair trade tea cooperatives, and sourcing sustainably produced fruit butters, vegetable oils and botanicals, we are a palm-oil free company. Further arrangements have been made with suppliers to return glass bottles and plastic jugs for refill and redistribution rather than contributing them to recycling depots and landfills.

With glowing customer reviews, to date, explaining skin feeling squeaky clean and highly moisturized without the need for chemicals or additional creams; highlighting purple tea blends with abundant vegan oils, allows Refresh Tea & Soap Co. to feel that we have something unique to offer the market. We aim to grow our shared values and communicative relationships with customers wherever you may be!

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